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Light Runs

Enhancing Community Spaces: Comprehensive Light Runs Service

In every residential or commercial complex, lighting remains a staple utility: lighting hallways, illuminating outdoor areas, and ensuring safety within the property. IMS provides Light Runs, a continual service maintenance for communal lights, every light bulb, pole light, and landscape light is maintained regularly. The overall process is economical, and includes changing light bulbs, upgrading to LED technology, maintaining pole lights, and ensuring landscape lights are always functioning properly. We ensure every light is working at its peak.

Our light runs are conducted in the daytime or nighttime, we change out broken or fused light bulbs. We service properties once a month, twice a month, every couple of months, or whatever timeframe the property prefers. We change and remove bulbs that are out and recommend upgrades to LED where needed. We service address lights, garage lights/fixtures, pathway lights, bollards, pole lights, landscape lights, and any light fixture that needs servicing. Our experienced crew can fix/troubleshoot any electrical wiring or lighting issue. We have experience with more than just light bulbs and fixtures, we work with photocells, electrical wiring, electrical outlets, and more. We also have a bucket truck, so we are able to service tall light fixtures and poles.

Pole Lights and Landscape Lights Maintenance

Pole lights and landscape lights pose unique challenges due to their positioning and function. Our pole light maintenance services cater to every outdoor lighting need. Equally, our landscape lights overhaul service ensures that your surroundings are well lit and visually appealing, without compromising energy efficiency.

Additional benefits of Light Runs are below
  1. Safety: Good lighting is essential for safety in a residential or commercial complex. It can help prevent accidents and deter crime. By using Illumination Management Services, you can ensure that all the lights in your complex are working properly and providing the necessary illumination.
  2. Aesthetics: Landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your residential or commercial complex. It can highlight architectural features, trees, and other landscaping elements. By using IMS, you can ensure that your landscape lighting is always optimal and providing the desired effect.
  3. Energy efficiency: By upgrading to LED technology and using other energy-efficient lighting options such as photocells or timers, you can save money on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. IMS can help you make the switch to more sustainable lighting options.
  4. Cost savings: By using IMS, you can save money on maintenance costs in the long run. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and replacements down the line.


Light Runs are an excellent service maintenance system for community lights in residential or commercial properties. It offers a range of benefits, including safety, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost savings. By choosing IMS to provide a Light Run service, you can ensure that your property has the best lighting possible, which is good for both the environment and the community.

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Illumination Management Services Offers Light Runs Services For Residential and Commercial Buildings

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