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LED Installations &

When upgrading lighting systems or installing new ones, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology has finally arrived for almost all applications: affordable, efficient, available in warmer light colors, great new designs, low maintenance – LED is the technology most experts are installing.

An LED is a solid-state lighting component that does not utilize electrical filaments or gas.

LED lighting is a paradigm shift in the outdoor lighting industry. The effect is a cool, energy-efficient and reliable light source that provides years of illumination without the need for lamp maintenance.

With the combination of LED and solar, we achieve the ultimate in Green Tech. Not only does it use zero power from the grid, it can be applied at locations far from electrical sources, avoiding trenching and running lines to the location. This technology can save money from the start.


We are in the field of maintaining, repairing, replacing and upgrading lighting fixtures such as street poles and bollards and address lights. We work both with commercial and residential properties.

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